EastEnders Greatest Cliffhangers – The Mitchell Version

Top 100 Characters with the most cliffhangers

BBC Three is counting down the top 100 characters who have gained the most cliffhanging storylines in the 25 year history of EastEnders.

What is a cliffhanger?

It’s the final shot of each episode, when the famous EastEnders doof doofs kick in at a moment of high drama.

The top 100 list has been compiled based on each cliffhanger being given to the character or characters in the last shot of an episode.

How the top 100 was calculated

The 100 – 1 list of characters was compiled by six researchers and took four weeks to complete. The count began with the first ever episode on 19th February 1985 and concluded with the second episode of EastEnders on Christmas Day 2009 – a total of 3918 shows.

Many characters were tied with an equal number of cliffhangers so to have a definitive 100 – 1 list we formulated a calculation…

In the event of a tie in the number of cliffhangers, we divided the number of cliffhangers by the total number of episodes the character had appeared in. This way it measures the impact the character had on the show and didn’t just reward longevity. Impact after all is the bedrock of the perfect cliffhanger!

13 Mitchells appear in the list, making them the dominant family.
The Fowlers and Beales come joint second with eight characters each.

All Figures/Positions Were Correct As Of; 25th December 2009

99 – Kate Mitchell – 11
96 – Ben Mitchell – 12

95 – Honey Mitchell – 12
69 – Roxy Mitchell – 18

50 – Jamie Mitchell – 25
49 – Archie Mitchell – 26
41 – Tiffany Mitchell – 31

37 – Sam Mitchell – 34

35 – Ronnie Mitchell – 39

15 – Billy Mitchell – 68

12 – Peggy Mitchell – 82

04 – Grant Mitchell – 131

01 – Phil Mitchell – 206


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